How to Be a Renegade Wizard and
Walk Through Life Without Apology
Creating Whatever You Want
Whenever You Want It -At Will!

Do you want to be a True Wizard and defy all normal, common, ordinary, customary boundaries and restrictions on creating the ultimate lifestyle — on the speed, the ease, and the independence?

 Welcome to a ‘radical underground’ ….

If you could change just a few things you think, change a few things about the way you live your life – - – just a few – - -
and suddenly experience a lifting of stress, struggle, anxiety, frustration and uncertainty accompanied by a much-multiplied influx of prosperity, a much-multiplied influence with others, an accelerated accomplishment of your goals would you want to at least experiment with those changes?

Hello and welcome to the rest of your life. I’m David Kendall, it’s my pleasure to meet you. I’m a professional magician and Renegade Wizard. Today there’s a different kind of magic I want to tell you about.

It’s the magic I’ve experienced in my life. It’s the same magic many other highly successful people experience every day. And it’s the same magic you’re about to experience so you can have the kind of life you want and maybe dream about.

This isn’t about me… it’s about you!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I’d like to answer one question.

What in the world is a Renegade Wizard?

Well let me tell you… You see, I’ve traveled all over the world performing Magic. I never tire seeing the amazement on the faces of the thousands of people… old and young alike, who watch me perform Magic for them.

It’s that moment of child-like wonder when they see the impossible in front of their very eyes!

Of course, what I do might seem like simple illusions but I have a confession: My Magic is real! Yes the effects are certainly one part of it, but there is much more to it.

Real Magic is about the ability to live life completely on your own terms. And to discover exactly who you are and walk through life without apology.

I developed the ability to do this out of sheer desperation and necessity! It was either sink into the depths of despair or fly with the eagles. I KNOW exactly what it feels like to…

… have my health immobilized by an incurable disease, and then cure myself from it.

… watch my beautiful, loving wife and mother of my young children die of cancer, and to rebuild my life starting from ground zero.

… see the four corners of the Earth, have my story published in a best-selling book, and manifest incredibly successful businesses out of thin air.

I have lived the deepest pains of life and sunk to the depths of despair. But I’ve also experienced the greatest joys!

And that is why I am here – to teach you how to live your life to the fullest.

No matter what has happened along the way in your life. No matter what you are experiencing RIGHT NOW… I want to help you rise above any and all challenges on the road to becoming the successful, happy, fulfilled person you know you can be!

It can be done starting today. I want to help you get to that Magical place in your life. I CAN help you become a Renegade Wizard in your own right.

The resources I represent are the most powerful personal growth and mind/body development tools on the planet. Bar none! They give people the confidence, courage, and power to create any desired change. People just like you in 127 countries have become Renegade Wizards. And when you do you’ll be…

Living with the confidence, motivation, and mindset to experience profound success and personal satisfaction in all areas of your life such as business, career, personal and family relationships, and realizing personal goals.

Experiencing much more personal happiness and flow in your everyday life.

Dramatically accelerating your mental, emotional, personal and spiritual powers and growth.

In short… as a Renegade Wizard you’ll finally have the power to fully live your life on your terms. Not someone else’s! And then you’ll know the Magic.

And isn’t that really what it’s all about and how your life was meant to be?

So where do you start? You begin right now by clicking here and signing up for my membership site where you get free access to a library of subliminal videos that can instantly start to change your life.

There’s NO reason to hesitate or wait any longer. You’ve waited long enough!

Higher and Higher to Your Success!




Professional Magician & Renegade Wizard

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