Are You Worthy

Last night I sat in a circle with 20 men sharing their lives and their difficulties. Sometimes like last night it is painful to listen.

I also have Coaching Clients , friends and family who often open up to me easily about what is going on in their lives.

I am far from being a professional but what I believe to be true is that almost all problems in life boil down to your level of Self Esteem.

Confidence for example is a little different from self esteem because you could have confidence in your ability to play a certain sport, fix a car, cook or many other things but you can still be experience a complete lack of self esteem.

Your Self Esteem dictates what you think you deserve. I meet many very intelligent people but they still think
“Who am I to Think I can Acheive..”
“Who am I to deserve this Love” “Who Am I to deserve Success?”

Deep down they feel somewhere “They are not worthy” “Not deserving of Happiness” and basically can’t cope with the basic challenges of life and at the deepest core level feel they are not Lovable.

Even if you get yourself into a relationship where there is love an anxiety and insecurity  can easily creep in to start to sabatoge it so easily if you suffer from low self esteem.

Your self Esteem can grow though it is not a static entity.

For example Self acceptance is a big key.  If you have done some stupid things like me and I have done so many its unbelievable.

But the sooner you can get out of self denial and own who you are and the stupid things you have done the faster you grow from the experience.

The more you accept yourself the more comfortable in your own skin you become. Life becomes so much more fun and enjoyable from this vantage point and you do experience  actually  deserving Happiness.

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