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Watch This Amazing ABC Nightline News Segment on the Secret Success Drug 

You can also Click Here to Watch The CNN Segment “Steroids for the Brain” on Provigil (Modafinil) 

Here is another great interview with Dave Asprey on London Live -7 min.


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This past summer a close friend of mine sent me this video to a segment on the ABC Nightline News which tells the almost unbelievable story of quite an amazing prescription drug that was created for the treatment of Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder where people have a hard time staying awake when they are supposed to.

Clarity Concentration Focus for 15 Hours
However what is amazing about this story is the discovery of what happens when healthy people take it as it gives you mental focus and clarity allowing you to concentrate for literally hours on end with higher functioning of your brain with literally no side effects whatsoever.


I had To Try This
I was so intrigued after watching this video that you are about to watch that I had to try it for myself so I went about going into massive research mode to learn everything I could about it as well as figuring out how to get myself some which wasn’t an easy task. But rather than go into that story I would prefer to tell you my experience over the past few weeks and everything you will see the people talk about on the ABC news story is no exaggeration whatsoever as I would concur it all and say it is all true and then some.


Your Brain Delivers the Solution
One of the things I notice right away was my stress level coming down immediately and making me  completely focused in the present and my ability to notice details greatly increases. My brain power though quickly speeds up and I seem to know what to do.


Watch the Movie Limitless
If you watched the movie Limitless with and remember the scene when Bradley Cooper the main character says to his girlfriend on the cell phone when she is being chased and hunted down for his drug she is carrying. She is freaking out and he tells her to take one and you will know what to do. This is what happens when you start taking this.


Get Along and Communicate with Others much More Easily
In this manner my experience is all my problems have a solution and nothing overwhelms and also putting me in a cheerful mood . Also my ability to communicate more directly and connect with others seems dramatically more natural and easy and I believe that comes from being so in the present.

"I am 60 years old, am walking around like a 30 year old, my mind is so much clearer, quicker, I can handle many things at once without getting flustered or overwhelmed, I am coming up with solutions effortlessly, some of them the next day,The biggest plus is that I am able to voice my ideas. Its like my mouth opens now & I can share whatever I know to be true/useful. I have had so much frustration in my past because I haven't been able to voice my opinion/ideas. So thank you David. I am truly grateful Love & light," Jill

Life is Better and Brighter
It very much makes everything much better and brighter and you can get things done and complete like never before. It is a pharmacutical medication but the result is extraordinary and unlike just about anything else after taking it for days in a row I feel better and smarter as my thinking process improves and it is completely non addictive. In fact if you read on the Wikipedia link I give you below you will see this has been used to treat people with Cocaine addiction.
“Hi David,
I have literally learned a new computer program in about 4 sitting days that usually takes others weeks if not months…I am also retaining what I am learning being shown once what to do and then simply doing it! Oh and all my old bad habits falling to the way side and no more wasting time because there is no time to waste.  My  work days pass by in the blink of an eye and I have never been so exhausted at the end of the day…my brain hurts from all the info it is like overload! But I love it! I am losing weight and gaining confidence and all of this on a 1/4 of a pill a day along with fresh fruit and protein smoothies made with Maca powder and other wonderful ingredients.  Also, some very good brain nourishing supplements…I have amazed my nearly 50 year old self!  For the first time in my life I am fully giving 100% to everything I am doing! I finally have a plan!  I have ordered more and will again after a few good pay checks…can you please send me my tracking number for my last order so I can know when to expect it? Thanks so much for everything! Hope all is well with you and yours.  Do I need to reply to an invoice for you to find my tracking number? If so let me know…Thanks so much!”


Main Precaution
In very rare cases people can develop some sort of rash that if not treated can be fatal. So that is the precaution and if that happens you must see a doctor right away. Now again you want to be well informed yourself about side effects etc. as if you decide to take this unless you do have Narcolepsy and therefore a legitimate prescription you won’t be taking it under the care of a physician.

Time to Try It
I would like you to try it for yourself so you can see what I am talking about. I realize this might not be for everyone but if you really want to experience a much higher level of cognitive functioning and more present moment awareness in your life and see yourself get better results in all areas of your life this is very much worth it as you will be blown away at the power and focus that you will have.


The Legal Issues
Technically you have to have a prescription for this as it s a prescription medication. So typically without a prescription you can’t purchase it within the country you live and if you live in the USA a prescription for this drug is $25 per 200mg tablet. However ordering from outside your country having mailed a small personal amount is generally not going to give you a problem.


So I have sourced a very reliable wholesale pharmacutical supplier who will drop ship it to you anywhere in the world.
The worst thing that can happen from your point of view is your border authorities will stop your shipment from coming in and send you a letter telling you not to buy prescription medication outside your country without a prescription. In that case we would have it shipped again to you or issue you a refund it would be your choice but this rarely happens.  The brand we are using now is called Modalert and is made by Sun Pharmaceuiticals a global pharmaceutical company based in India with manufacturing facilities in 23 countries including the US and Canada.


Modafinil is Provigil
In the video you will watch or already watched by now they use the name Provigil which is the main brand in the USA but the actual drug is known as Modanifil. It is the exact same thing as you will see the brand names listed on the Wikipedia page (near the bottom listed under availability) which you can go to for a real comprehensive look at this if you want –


How to Order
I have set up some ordering for you if you want to see for yourself starting with only a small sample of

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New Bulk Order Options Options 

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This will Vastly Improve the Quality of Your Life
Over the years I have sold self improvement technologies that I use and believe in such as all the subliminal technology, holosync meditation and 70×7 technology but I feel this medication has the ability to vastly vastly improve the quality of many people’s lives and I am willing to stick my neck out a bit with this one because I can’t wait to hear back from everyone with the magic results.


Dedicated to your well Being,
David Kendall