Broke Loveless & Depressed

I know this man who has a hard time with life. He is broke, tired of his business, no significant other and sees the glass always half empty rather than half full. Other people’s success makes him down or envious. He expects instant results and when it doesn’t happen things further spiral downward. Its a hard way to live life and creates great depression for him.

A life without purpose is of course meaningless boring and leads to depression. Sometimes it takes complete bottoming out to create the energy to say enough is enough ;I have had it ;Iam not going to put up with this anymore. -maybe my friend above will reach that point and decide to change his life.

I am sure at some point in your life you have had that experience. Maybe you put up with a certain person for so long and finally you are so fed up that you draw the line in the sand and say no more. I remember when I was about 13 getting bullied by the biggest kid in my grade. At 13 he was almost a full grown man and for fun he used to push me in the bushes, punch me and intimidate me. After a while I had enough. It was really starting to bother me.

Now I didn’t grow up in the slums but it wasn’t exactly a nice area of town and there were some pretty rough characters. Now I was always an intelligent kid so I started to think how could I solve this problem. I had a friend who had an older brother who was huge, mean and had a reputation for beating people up. Up until that time if I spent time with my friend I would avoid this guy like the plague. But I had a new idea.

I started asking my friend lots of questions about his brother and learned some things about him. For one I found out out he collected a certain kind of magazine. The next day I happen to drop by with some of those magazines and told him he could have them. He immediately liked me and thought I was a great guy. A few days later I explained to him the problem I was having with this guy who was always pushing me around. He said no problem he would gladly look after it.

Like magic my old problem disappeared. The bully all of a sudden had a major change in attitude toward me of out of the way friendliness and great respect. Nobody bothered me again period.

But if you don’t take control of your life it will take control of you. Nobody can predict what cards will be dealt but it is really up to us what we are going to do about it.

If you are broke, people take advantage of you, you either submit to it or you have enough, get pissed off and do something about it. Now for someone who is unhappy same thing make a decision to be happy. Easy thing to fix. Start smiling for no reason and start practicing gratitude get a goal, get a purpose and be willing to do what it takes to make it a reality. Life will all of a sudden take on new energy and passion.

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Anxiety and depression will melt way faster than a snowman in the Sahara just by watching the first video. A smile will come across your face like you just won a world championship . People will be magnetized to you as you will be vibrating at a new frequency.

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