Giving Away Holosync CD Money & Success

Maybe you missed out during the summer when I gave away about 200 Attracting Money and Success Holosync Subliminal CDs.

These Cds are produced by Bill Harris at Centerpointe Research Institute and are only exclusively offered to participants of the Holosync Solution program. If you are a participant you can purchase them for $39 but in actual fact they are worth much more than that.

These CDs put you in a super deep meditation using holosync technology and then through their silent messaging technology deliver deep into your subconscious mind very powerful affirmations. This particular Cd is all on attracting Money and Success.

These CD’s again are usually only available exclusively to people who become participants of the Holosync Solution program . I have been a high producing distributor for centerpointe for 8 years and have managed to make them available to my customers at certain times.

I had a special in the summer and actually gave them away as a gift. All you had to do was pay the shipping ($7.95 or $12.95 international) It was my birthday and I wanted everyone to try my new membership site which now has 20 subliminal videos you can access instantly

You can imagine the rush I had for them. In the end some people had to wait weeks for their CD because I ran out.

Last week I just received my shipment to fulfill these back orders. As of today they are all done and I have 53 Attracting Money and Success CDs left in the box. So I thought I will give you another chance to get the CD if you missed out in the summer but once these ones are gone their is absolutely no way Bill Harris will let me do this again.

So go grab one right now while they last and also get instant access to all of our subliminal videos

Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

David Kendall

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