Is Happiness a Choice

Happy to Reach Machu Pichu

Happy to Reach Machu Pichu

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One of my favorite lines I use in my shows is “Money is not the
most important thing but it rates right up there with oxygen”.

That always gets a big laugh but really one of the most important
things I’ve learned about life is true wealth is about being

Now I’m a happy, upbeat, enthusiastic man but it has come from a
very conscious choice despite the circumstances to be so. I have
figured out ways to make my habitual trend of thought happy
successful and upbeat.

And yes… don’t get
me wrong. Money’s important. I enjoy making it. I enjoy
spending it especially on travelling. I enjoy investing it. I
enjoy growing it. And I enjoy giving it.

But all too often we let money and circumstances dictate how we
feel and also how we behave!

I saw so many people living high up in the Andies with very little
but they seemed extremely happy.

Isn’t that interesting? Here is why in my observation.

We are told “You can CHOOSE to feel happy at this moment. IF YOU
WANT TO!You can choose to feel fulfilled and satisfied. You can
choose to feel energetic… IF you want to.

It is true but the choice you are making is not so simple to
implement. Why? Because the thoughts that run through your mind now
on a daily basis are thought habits created from your lifetime.

Habits are not so easy to change.

So when I see people in these far off lands who seem so much
happier than most of the folks back home it’s all about the way
they have been brought up and the way they have been taught to
think and believe over their lifetime.

In our culture we have created a society with bad thinking habits
and attitudes. Hence we have lots of depressed, unhappy  and sad people.

One could probably write volumes on why that is.  But personally I
am not interested in why but I am very interested and focused on
how each one of us individually can change ourselves.

In the long wrong that helps everyone else.

Mostly my business has been about promoting technologies and
process’s like the 70×7 -×7-system/ that create a massive
change in your habitual thinking.

Here is another one that I would highly reccommend in quickly
changing your habits of thoughts to ones that are going to make
your life happy and prosperous and manifest what you want.

Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

David Kendall

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