Hire David Kendall Magician

Three Powerful Reasons
you Should Hire David Kendall
To Entertain At Your Next Event!

Dear Friends,

What really makes An Event Unforgettable?

Quality entertainment that gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing is one of the major keys to making your event dynamic and impressive.

But there are so many options to choose from. Do you hire a band? A disc jockey? A piano player? It’s frustrating to try and please everyone.

The Unique Solution

For over 20 years I have  specialized in making parties and events memorable and absolutely amazing. Some of my clients include the Strathcona Hotel (House Magician) Microsoft, Pepsi, Centra Gas, IBM, A.M.P., Pioneer, Hitachi , and many more.

So why should you work with me on your next event?

Reason One

100% Professional Performance from an international award winning entertainer with over 20 years experience who is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. But don’t take my word for it:

“Wow! What an act, a great fun entertainer who is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. By the way- How on earth did you do that card name trick?”

- Tina Altieri- News Presenter- Channel 9 Australia

“Last week I saw the David Copperfield Show and I also had the opportunity to see David Kendall in action and both shows were tremendous. Although they were completely different types of shows if I could only watch one again it would honestly be David Kendall because not only was the magic absolutely amazing and bewildering he was truly magic. His charm and very intimate performance is something that needs to be experienced.”

- Brian Posey, International Room Manager, Burswood Casino- Perth Australia

“I really admired the way you moved through our party, leaving people spellbound, from young children through to battle hardened politicians.”

- Richard Court –Premier of Western Australia

“ You entertained a very discerning audience, and managed to keep us thoroughly intrigued. I recommend that anyone wanting to make a difference at their next corporate event, enlist the services of David Kendall.”

- Kevin Rodrigo, Microsoft, Melbourne Australia

“ Winner of the International West Coast Magic Convention”

Reason Two

A performance that is not only absolutely amazing and fun but Full of Audience Involvement. It’s obviously much more fun when people are actively involved as opposed to just sitting and watching. My shows are the most interactive you will ever see.

“David Kendall enthralled our 210 Staff and clients at our recent Christmas Party. As most of us are born skeptics, it’s always refreshing to witness truly magical feats – and at such close range. David will amaze you. Still 2 weeks after our function clients comment…how did he do the one with…etc.

- Gerald Reed, AFS Freight Management Australia

“ You are certainly a master of fitting in with the crowd. It was sensational to see how easily you could wander from one group of people to the next, join in on their conversation, and within moments have them captivated by your magic.”

- Kathy Swift, Jockey Australia

Click here for more testimonials and
an impressive list of David’s past clients.

Reason Three

The Best Guarantee in the Entire Industry!

I guarantee my magic shows will make your events and parties extra special or you get the show for free!

No other entertainer even offers a guarantee let alone one this
strong. Why do I make such a crazy offer? Very simple, I am 100%
positive that I will make your event the best ever. NO ONE has
EVER taken me up on this. Instead I get comments like this:

“As I had seen you in action once before, I knew I did not have to worry about whether or not the staff would enjoy your performance, and of course they did. It was very comforting to me, as the organizer, to know that you would be a sure thing and I could sit back relax and enjoy the show. You were definitely the highlight of the evening and the topic of much conversation afterward.”

- Deanna Bondi, Pullinger Stewart – Barristers Solicitors, Perth Australia

“David was extremely entertaining and mystified everybody with his performance, particularly with it being at such close quarters. I would have no hesitation in recommending David as a performer, as would all our staff whom he entertained- he has remained a highlight and a conversation piece from the evening.”

- Jim Pringle, Pepsi Australia


Bronze Package

This is one hour of Walk- Around Magic where you will be delighted to hear gasps of amazement and laughter as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 10 minute show consisting of magic with cards, mindreading, and David’s famous Shotglass Surprise where a glass of liquid is removed from a flattened envelope just examined by the audience – the look on your guests faces will be absolutely priceless.

“The 340 guests in attendance really enjoyed your moving magic performance as you worked the crowds to perfection. You’ll be interested to know that even experienced people from the entertainment industry at the breakfast were asking how you ever managed to extract a glass of water from a flattened envelope”

- Vaughan Emery, Corporate Theatre

This is perfect for cocktail parties, hospitality suites or in situations where a traditional formal show doesn’t fit in.

This enchanting, fun and intimate form of entertainment will make the lasting impression you desire leaving everyone with something to talk about for a long time to come.

Silver Package

MAGICAL MIND SHOW is a 35 to 45 minute After Dinner Show featuring mind reading, predicting future events, innovative wizardry, intense spectator involvement and much more….

“This man belongs on the X Files – Highly Recommended ”

- Steve Williams, RMS Transport

Do you have some important people you want to make sure I include in my show? No problem . Just make sure you let me know who they are and I’ll make sure that they get involved. In fact, many audience members will prove that they too have extraordinary ESP abilities.

I guarantee people will be coming up to you afterwards and thanking you for providing them with such a memorable and enjoyable evening.

Gold Package

The Best of Both Worlds: This deluxe combination package includes “the 1 hour of walk around magic” and the complete “Magical Mind” after dinner show. It’s an ideal partnership. Here’s why.

During the cocktail hour or as your guests arrive; they will be treated to the mind-blowing intimate walk- around magic. This accomplishes two things. First it gets your event off to a fast, fun start. Second, since they meet me before the show, they really get excited and look forward to the after dinner entertainment.

If you really want your event to be superb, The Gold Package is the answer.

Okay Dave, Everything sounds great…
now what do we do?

Simply pick up the phone and call me. We can discuss your event in detail. Don’t worry I won’t try and “sell” you, so you can relax- no pressure- I’m here to answer your questions, help you make your event the best ever.

If you like I’d be happy to come to your office, meet with you or any of the decision makers personally, and give you a free demonstration.

Look forward to speaking with you call: 250 514 7509
or email me at – kendallwizard@gmail.com


David Kendall