Living Your Dream Right Now

The other day a very old friend of  mine who I hadn’t seen in a very long time  was out cruising around on his motorcycle with his 2 friends. They happened to stop at a coffee shop in the town where I live. My friend said to his 2 riding buddies that he knows 1 person who lives in this town.  A few minutes later I happen to wonder by. Hearing my name being called out I quickly recognized my old friend.

We chatted for a few minutes and I invited all of them to follow me on their motorcycles over to my house as I had some cold refreshments in the fridge and my girlfriend was cooking a delicious Thai Currie.

So as the men enjoyed the hospitality we really started talking and my old friend described his dream that he wants to buy a big sailboat and cruise around the world. Of course I asked when he was gong to do this because I would love to join him for a few weeks somewhere.

He said he was going to do this when he was 60. Now he is exactly the same age as me, about to turn 43, so I said that is a long way down the road.

And he mentioned the boat he wanted would be $600k. He also said he would have to wait 5 years after retiring so he could learn to sail it etc. plus a long list of other reasons.

Now the first time I met him was 24 years ago and he had just got back from a 4 month backpacking trip around Europe so he was actually the one person who inspired to go travel as I left for my first trip around the world about a year later. So time for me to light a fire under his ….

Anyways this gave me some energy as I said to him, “Well you may not be able to buy your dream boat today but you can still join the energy of your dream. Go learn how to sail now, take a course, be on a a crew  of other peoples boats, get yourself a small cheap sailboat and get out on the water. Hey we live on an island. The point is you have to join your dream now in some way”.

One of his friends was nodding his head in agreement. Now my friend is a very smart guy and I think he really got it so I won’t be surprised to see him start to take action.  Soon they were on the road again heading back home.

Truly amazing things happen when you start to take action towards your heartfelt desires. This is  the gateway to everything. Crazy synchronistic events and things start to happen. People show up. Cool people. The universe is your friend.

Remember someday never happens. Join your dream now.

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Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

Renegade Wizard

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