Love Your Life Right Now

Smiling Faces

Smiling Faces

The great thing about happiness is it can be achieved right now.

However the problem and I think it is more prevalent in our western culture than anywhere else is somewhere we are sold and programmed on a plan that happiness is always in the future. I will be happy when I solve this problem, have x amount of dollars in the bank, have this ideal relationship, lose this flab, get this perfect career. Then I am going to be happy.

I know what that is like because I use to spendĀ  so much of my life like that. When you can be happy for no real reason this is Bliss.

Maybe you have travelled to far away lands or your friends have and they come back and say.

Those people were so poor but they were so happy. The confusion comes when they startĀ  thinking that it has something to do with being rich or poor. The reality is it has everything to do with accepting your life the way it right now and falling in love with yourself and your life.So fall in love with yourself, love your life. This is the trick.

Don’t let other people, situations steal your enjoyment and happiness of life. This is what I see when I travel to some of these poor countries. Despite their circumstances they are not going to let that stop them from putting a smile on their face.

If you love yourself and your life than having luxuries is something your going to appreciate, enjoy and have that much more gratitude for.

However those things will never bring you happiness in and of themselves.

The more you do love yourself and your life a very strange thing will happen. You will try and improve it and you will look after yourself. You will want more for yourself it will only be natural.
Pursuing goals that matter to you; goals that also benefit your fellow being add greatly to the journey.

Happiness comes from being willing to live life with gusto and enthusiasm despite whatever your situation is.

Your mind is such a powerful thing and when you create dominant thought patterns in your mind of being enthusiastic, joyful and passionate that is what you will be. With proper programming this is one of the easiest and fun things to change.

If you watch the Renegadewizard Subliminal Videos for 20 minutes a day you will be amazed at how all of a sudden happy and enthusiastic you are about your life.

Go use start using them right now.

Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

David Kendall

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