Religion Sacrifice and the Initiate

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Religion comes in many disguises, but all have a common thread. The message varies from cult to
cult, but it is basically a message of sacrifice. Sacrifice your life’s pleasures now, so that you might enjoy
everlasting life in “heaven”, dwelling with the “angels”, sitting next to “God” for all eternity. The words and
language might vary, but the message is basically the same.

Throughout history, serious crimes against the people have been committed using the illusion of
religion. Millions upon millions of people have been forced to live drab, boring, unfulfilled and painful
lives because they have been stifled by religious guilt and fear. It is still going on today. Religion is one of the
biggest forces for “evil” at large in the world. It causes untold misery and anguish whilst masquerading
as a power of good.

Like most of the “best” illusions, this insidious one exploits several basically good human emotions,
e.g. the natural sense of wonder, awe and amazement which any thinking person cannot help but feel when
confronted with the great, mysterious universe.

Most thinking people have a deep (if uncultivated) sense of mystery, and cannot help but question
their place in the cosmic scheme of things. It is to this pure and wonderful human emotion that the cancer of
religion attaches itself. It then proceeds to weave a thick web of deceit, lies and illusion which destroys the
victim’s natural sense of wonder and feelings of self worth, replacing them with misery, anguish and hypocrisy.

The Initiate is not on any kind of anti-religious crusade – unlike the historical “crusaders for Christ” who
murdered, tortured, and butchered their way across Europe in their quest to wipe the infidel from the face of
the earth – all with God’s permission, of course

You cannot become a true Wizard (that is, a fully empowered person) and subscribe to any
man-made religion.


Because you cannot become a free and enlightened human being and subscribe to a complete

If you are religious in any conventional sense, then it will hinder your personal growth until such time
as you are strong enough to see through the childish illusion of religion. If you are religious, then you are
extremely likely to dismiss this  anyway. However, you will be unable to cross the barrier to
personal freedom for as long as you refuse to face up to reality and truth.

I know it’s tough. Personally, I found it very hard going when I discovered that Santa Claus wasn’t real
– but that’s part of the growing process! Few people would disagree that it would be a great handicap to an
adult if he were to continue to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny (yes, sorry, he’s
not real either!). However, the belief in a personal God (as distinct from some unfathomable mystery concerning
the universe) or a personal savior (Christ, etc.) is a far more dangerous and cancerous fairy-tale!

Force (Weapon #1)
Short history lesson: The Inquisition was started by Ferdinand and Isabelle (King and Queen of Spain)
with the intention of punishing Jews who were practicing their old faith in secret. The full horror of the
Inquisition (the murder, the torture) was given the full blessing of Pope Sixtus IV – the guy with the direct
line to God at the time.

Then there were the Crusades (11th century), basically an orgy of bloodletting against Jews as well as
“infidel” Muslims. A place in heaven was guaranteed to those who took part! This is not a joke. People at
that time took the guarantee very seriously, emanating (as it did) from the highest authority of the church.
Religious persecution, common in the past, still goes on today. Let us not forget that a mere 50 years
ago six million Jews were slaughtered, ostensibly for their religious convictions. Could it happen again? It
is happening daily around the world to people of religious persuasion.

Everywhere you look, religious intolerance lurks just below the surface. Thus, Muslims hate Christians
(and vice-versa). They still have not forgiven Christians for the Crusades (900 years ago!) – and
probably rightly so. Catholics hate Protestants, and vice-versa, Baptists are deeply suspicious of Methodists.
Evangelicals detest high C of E, and vice-versa, etc., etc. The constant theme amongst religious people
is hatred, fear and suspicion.

You are expected to join one particular group or sect (the only true sect, of course), which then
automatically polarizes you against the “rest of humanity”. “Us” and “them”. The rest of humanity are
labeled as “wrong”, “evil”, “sinful”, or just “misguided”, and can only be “saved” by being converted by

Fear (Weapon #2)

Fear, in this context, will be defined as immobilization in the present due to worrying about some real
or imagined future retribution.

Fear is probably the major weapon used by religious con-artists over the centuries. Religious fear is
used to ruthlessly cajole the mass of believers into conforming. Fear of damnation, fear of “going to hell”,
fear of judgement day, fear of disapproval by the church, fear of being found out for your sins, fear of the
devil, fear of asking questions, fear of the answers (!), fear of facing your own true thoughts and feelings on
a daily basis.

As a “priest”, what better method could you devise for controlling the masses than to pretend that you
have a direct line to God, and that he had given you detailed instructions about how other people should
behave? If they do not dance to your tune, then you can threaten them with everlasting damnation.

The Catholic church is particularly guilty of this, although they have toned-down their act recently, as
the sheep become a little less credulous! All ex-Catholics reading this, will not need me to explain the
legacy of guilt, worry and fear left by an early Catholic upbringing. I have met many ex-Catholics, and they
are all still frightened on some level that they will rot in hell for leaving the church. Such is the power of the
early and repeated use of fear to control people’s behavior (and remember, the victims were innocent
young children at the time). Truly has Christianity been called a “sick mystery cult”. By the way, the other
story which many ex-Catholics have in common concerns the extreme viciousness and sadism of the nuns
or priests responsible for their “education”!

Allowing yourself to be controlled by religious fear ensures that you expend a great deal of your
present-moment energy striving to conform to the con-artist’s desires. Put simply, trying to become a
“good boy” or “good girl”. Whilst you are busy on this nonsense, you are not enjoying yourself. This is
exactly what the con-artist desires.

Inner Circle Wizards are completely free from fear because they are never immobilized in the present moment.
Instead, they live in the present, enjoying each wonderful, spontaneous moment as it unfolds.

They do not fear “judgement day” because they know that this is an invention. They do not fear “God”. They have complete contempt for the illusion of a personal God who is watching
over people, and taking an interest in the petty affairs of human beings. The initiate recognizes this
concept for what it is – an almost inevitable fairy-tale invented by frightened people who have little or no
personal power. These people are unable to face the stark truth about reality.

Stark Truth
The initiate understands and accepts this “stark truth”.
To use an outlandish example, he understands that the entire planet could be smashed into dust tomorrow
by a large, rogue asteroid (not at all impossible, by the way). The demise of the Earth would not cause
the slightest tremor in the cosmic scheme of things.

Let us consider, for the moment, that such a meteor were on course for this planet, say ten days away.
Do you think that “God” would step in at the last moment and swerve the meteor from its path? Of course
not! Yet people continue to believe in such fiction despite the fact that no supernatural being has ever
intervened in any human affair – unless of course you are witless enough to believe a handful of Christ’s
“miracle” stories, the youngest of which is two thousand years old.

Stories that were word of mouth for up
to a hundred years before being written down by persons unknown, (who were not first hand witnesses)
then translated through two languages before ending up as “gospel”!! The rank stupidity of man and his
willingness to believe the most half-baked fantasies, really does leave me breathless sometimes.

Despite primitive prayers and exhortations, “God” allowed twenty million souls to die during the first
world war alone (were they all sinners?), he then followed up this act with a repeat performance twenty
years later. He also “allows” murder, torture, rape, mutilation, injustice, starvation and death on a global

There are two explanations for this. Either a personal God does not exist, and no supernatural being
ever intervenes in the affairs of men; or a personal God does exist, but is moving in “mysterious ways”. It
will not surprise you to discover which of these an initiate wizard believes!

The complete and utter lack of evidence that any supernatural being has ever, in the entire course of
human history, intervened in one, single human affair, does not deter the masses from seeking comfort by
praying for such personal help. They do this because they are weak, hopeless and inadequate.

The Initiate does not seek to change their viewpoint. He is not (and neither am I) on any kind of antireligious
crusade. He recognizes that it would take up far too much of his precious life-energies to wake any
of these people up; and in any case, it is to his advantage that they are asleep. Religious people are deeply,
soundly asleep. They are not amenable to rational argument. They are not open to logic. They are not
prepared to examine the possibility that they are wrong. This is because they are terrified of having their
beliefs exposed as so much nonsense.

They have a deep and powerful vested interest in believing their simple little fairy tales. The payoff
is comfort and security. They cannot face the thought that they are worth nothing, that when they die there
will be nothing, and that all of their “good” deeds will not be repaid in full (with or without interest). But
unlike the religious person, this stark truth does not fill the initiate with fear. Rather the exact opposite.
Instead of taking refuge in a fairy-tale, and pretending that God will make everything all right, the fact that
it never has been “all right”, and never will be “all right” empowers him with the knowledge that he has a
finite time to live. The result is that he enjoys a happy, and guilt-free life, unencumbered by the dead
weight of religion.

Hell Fire
Only a few short years ago, ministers exhorted their flock to behave in a certain way on pain of
everlasting hellfire. You may smile at the thought, but people were really frightened if a priest (who after all
was much closer to God than they) threatened them in this way – and they obeyed. If they failed to obey the
more ridiculous edicts (for example, not to enjoy sex) then they were wracked with guilt and anguish for
their “sins”.

And here you see the true anti-life, anti-man secret agenda of religion. It is man’s destruction
which the priests of religion seek. Once you understand this motive, all will become clear. The incomprehensible
barbaric acts of the church will be revealed in their naked horror. They only seem confusing when
you believe the church is motivated by love of mankind. When you see that the motivation is hatred of
mankind, then everything clicks into place.

How many millions upon millions of people suffered horrendous guilt, anguish and terror because
they (for example) masturbated, or actually enjoyed sex, or worked on a Sunday, or did one of the thousand
and one other things forbidden by the church? They are still suffering now, today, in their millions throughout
the world.

This basic fear is exploited by the “priests” who use it to mercilessly control their “flock”. If
the particular flock is in a deprived, third-world country then the old “fire and brimstone” fears will be
dragged out of the cupboard like some tired old skeleton and rattled in their faces. If the flock is in a modern,
liberal, area, then the old fears will be used subtly – hinted at obliquely, but used nevertheless. You will be
made to worry about what happens when you die. Will you be judged harshly? Will the “good boy” points
outweigh the “naughty boy” points? If not, you are doomed to everlasting damnation. But if you just scrape
through, then you can look forward to an eternity in heaven.

Guilt (Weapon #3)
Guilt is defined in this context as immobilization in the present, due to some real or imaginary past sin.
Religious guilt forces you to waste your present moments in misery, anxiety, and worry over some
act in the past which cannot be altered. This is a very effective means of controlling you.
The initiate wizard has completely eradicated guilt from his life. It simply does not exist for him or her.

Guilt like worry, is one of the completely useless man-made emotions. Instead of feeling guilty, the Initiate will
simply analyze his past acts and use the experience gained to modify his future acts. I don’t mean to improve
his “morals”, I mean to improve the quality of pleasures which flow his way.

Axiom #10: Conventional morals are purely a function of the latitude and longitude at which you
happen to find yourself, together with the date currently showing on your calendar.

If an Initiate regrets some course of action in the past, he merely tries not to repeat it in the future. He
spends absolutely no time at all feeling “bad” for his past actions, as this is an entirely pointless exercise.

Restricting Pleasure

Religion is devised by the religious con-artists to keep you miserable, obedient, subservient and
compliant. One of the best ways of achieving this is to make you feel guilty about any action which gives
you pleasure – and that is precisely what the church has done throughout the centuries. It is a brilliant strategy!

Early priests realized that they could only control the masses when they were in church. Out of church,
the effects of the illusion quickly wore off, and people returned to living normal, happy and well-adjusted
lives. But what do people do given half a chance? Why, they indulge in things which bring them pleasure!

This is, after all, one of the fun parts about being alive. So if people naturally gravitate towards having fun
and enjoying life, then what a brilliantly diabolical scheme it is to brand everything which is enjoyable as
“evil”, “sinful”, “corrupt” and against the “law of God”! The more you think about it, the more fiendish it
seems. For in this way, the priests can control the flock when they are out of church. After all, how on earth can
you control the sheep if they are diverted from your control by indulging themselves in pleasurable pursuits??

Every conceivable human act which gives joy and pleasure has been systematically branded as
wicked, evil and the Devil’s work.

Being made to feel guilty for having natural, joyous thoughts, or performing enjoyable physical acts
ensures that the “priesthood” are able to control you even when you are not at church. This is a highly
effective method of thought control, and is, of course, based upon the weapon of lies (weapon #4).

The practice of guilt-inducing sermons from priests has been modified somewhat in response to the
growing intelligence of the flock. They are a credulous lot, but not that credulous! But the echoes of past
“fire and brimstone” preachers will take generations to die away. It is also interesting to note the sharp rise
in fundamentalism, particularly in the USA where groups have reinstated crude, guilt-creating tactics in all
of their former glory. Many millions of modern Americans believe, for example, that Aids is a direct punishment
from God for homosexuals. However, it is important to realize that slightly more liberal attitudes
during the past few years do not compensate for centuries of total misery and anguish inflicted upon
hundreds of millions of people.

I would like you to reread the last sentence, because the standard wishy-washy excuse for religion is
that it does “some good” and that “things are getting better”. This is pathetic.
You are supposed to feel guilty about your sins. Note that these sins were invented by people who
wish to control you, and not by God. As far as I am aware, God has never told us that anything is sinful.
A handful of madmen and lunatics have claimed that God told them these things, but only a credulous fool
would accept this.

And who are these people who first tell us that a certain act is sinful in the eyes of God? God himself?
No, of course not. Who then? Surely only deluded mortals who convince themselves that God has spoken to
them! This is as true of Moses as it is true of Jesus and Billy Graham! Why do we believe these people? Just
because they say that God has spoken to them, do we have to afford them any more credibility than the man
in the asylum who claims that Elvis or Chopin is speaking to him?

You are supposed to feel guilty about having more, when those around you have less. You are supposed
to feel guilty for being happy. What right do you have to be happy when there is so much misery in
the world? You should be miserable too! Nowadays Christians are manipulated into giving one tenth of
their money to the church. The tactic used is guilt. Although money is not (nowadays) the primary goal of
the religious con-artist, it is still very expensive to keep all of those “priests” in reasonable luxury whilst
they indulge their desire for respect, kudos and admiration.

In conclusion, religion is guilt-inducing and seeks to emotionally cripple people under a heavy burden
of miserable guilt for the various “sinful” acts which they perform. In contrast the Inner Circle Initiate
is entirely guilt-free.

Lies/Misinformation (Weapon #4)
Misinformation in this context means the deliberate distortion of facts with the intention of gaining value.
Religion actively discourages awareness, critical debate or free thought.

Any questions which seem a little too searching are met with the response that you must “have faith”;
that is, blind unquestioning belief in something which cannot be proved, and appears to be arrant nonsense.

There is even a school of religious thought which states that the more patently ridiculous a fantasy is
(for example, the actual transmutation of wine into blood), then the more faith you are showing by believing
it. The implication is, that the more faith you have (i.e. blind belief in a patent absurdity), then the “better”
a believer you are!

Until relatively recently, the flock were not permitted access to written materials concerning their
own religion. After all, the con-artists would not like the sheep to actually start studying their religion or
questioning the priesthood. The whole point of being a “priest” is that you control the knowledge, and only
dole it out in small handfuls according to your perception of how the sheep will react to this knowledge. The
last thing you want is for the sheep to question you, or start thinking for themselves. Why? Because the
veils which the priests draw across the “inner sanctum” are exceedingly thin. Too close an inspection
might reveal that the altar is bare.
This is a big subject, and one worthy of a separate book, but the Bible itself does not stand up to the
most cursory examination. Only the slightest knowledge is required to unmask it for what it is – an historically
interesting hotchpotch of legends, fables, parables and distorted word-of-mouth history, covering
nearly eleven centuries in the life of an insignificant people from an insignificant country buried in the
Middle East.

The Initiate sees through all of these things and uses them to his advantage. He does not waste his life energy
by becoming involved with religion, neither does he seek to convert religious people to his way of
thinking. Such a conversion process (if possible) would require an enormous amount of his energy, and
besides, he sees that there is a distinct advantage in having as many people asleep as possible. This puts him
or her, as one of the few “awake” people, in an extremely powerful position.

He is guilt-free in this, because the open initiate does not lull people to sleep by poisoning their minds
with religious thought – he simply refuses to be lulled himself. Neither is it his mission to wake people
from their dreams. He is not on any kind of crusade to arouse the masses from their religious slumber.

The Deal
Of course, there is a tacit agreement between the priests and the flock which goes something like this:
The priests won’t come out with anything too outrageous as long as the flock don’t ask too many awkward
questions! In this way, both parties can play their games. The priests get their payoff of money, power,
respect and adulation; the flock get the pay off of comfort. Such deceitful transactions are characteristic
of all religions.

The flock want to be lied to! That is why they signed up for the religion in the first place. The whole
purpose of getting involved is so that they can be lied to and cocooned in a nice, safe, fairy-tale world and
not face up to the nasty, unpleasant realities of life. Since they all signed up for this illusion, it is not
surprising that they do not ask too many searching questions! The Initiate despises such feeble behavior.

The Wizard never seeks illusory comfort.
Religion offers a pardon for the consequences of your actions as long as you are a good compliant
believer. The Initiate, in contrast, takes full responsibility for his every action, and does not seek external
supernatural beings to take the weight from his shoulders.
Axiom #11: Responsibility for what happens in the life of an Initiate rests solely with that Initiate.

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