Silver Lining Lunch

Just finished having lunch with my son Jack and his friend Jayden who are both 11. After having an extensive chat about our favorite subject “women” we got to talking about money.

Jack who now owns a small pile of silver from cashing in his savings wanted me to explain to his buddy why it is such a good investment.

Our conversation went way beyond the scope of silver.

Firstly I gave them a little history lesson. After WW1 and so much of Europe was destroyed America gained an enormous trade surplus from rebuilding Europe. Europe mainly paid for this with gold. So I explained to them the USA became the biggest holder of gold in the world.

Because of this it was decided in 1944 by delegates of 44 countries who gathered in New Hampshire to make the USA the world reserve currency. This was called the Bretton Woods Monetary system. This allowed easy trade among the world using US dollars as US dollars were redeemable in gold and all currencies were pegged to the US dollar.

In 1971, because the US basically bankrupt itself from the Vietnma War and were in a position that they would not be able to make USA dollars redeemable in gold,  Nixon took the US off the gold standard making the US dollar a fiat currency simultaneously making almost all other world currencies fiat meaning they are backed by the government but not backed by any commodity such as gold or silver.

As I further explained to the boys it gave the governments the enormous power to print money at will. Or more accurately the private banking cartels that are the central banks like the Federal Reserve. Sensing the boys undivided attention I continued. ” I said the blatant example of this is the big bailouts. I said it more or less worked like this . The Federal reserve had zero dollars in their checking account wrote a check for 700 Billion (and counting) to the government who then gave it to mismanaged companies who paid the CEO’s of the mismanaged companies millions of dollars for for making the companies bankrupt.

Then the government, paid by the taxpayer, pays interest to the banking cartel who never had the money to begin with. Yes pure and simple crime against the people. This is I explained is modern day slavery. This is the sole purpose of income tax is to pay interest to Private Bankers who printed the paper or created numbers on a computer.

I went on -on top of that if you are holding savings it just became worth less because of the amount of new currency brought into existence. This is happening all over the world as central banks and governments print into oblivion. As I said because the US is the reserve currency of the world and 70% of the currency supply for the world is US dollars what is happening will be a significant event in history

My sons friend said David “what does that have to with silver and gold?’ As I told him the more dollars coming into circulation means the value of your cash goes down. This is called inflation so holding your money in something that will maintain its value is the smart thing to do. Leaving it in a savings account will do nothing but diminish its value.

I said also the central banks are suppressing the price of silver and gold by selling lots of paper silver and gold that doesn’t exist.

These are called futures. It creates the illusion of a large supply even though their isn’t one helping them maintain the value of the dollar. Because as the dollar loses value more and more people will want to dump their dollars in exchange of thigs with real value. So as the supply of the dollar rises and the demand lessens – well guess what? the value plummets.

Silver I expalianed is particularly good because it is used in industry and the reserves of silver in this world are being used up very fast. Its gone from 2 billion ounces above ground in 1980 to about 300 million making it extremely rare.

I enjoyed teaching the boys and they certainly were intrigued. As for you I hope you do your own research and uncover your own Pandora’s Box and take action to protect yourself and profit from the plundering going on.

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David Kendall

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