Survival Of The Fittest

Christmas is almost here which means New Years is also just around the corner. With it comes many good intentions especially to get yourself fit and healthy. Many people unfortunately don’t get much past January when it comes to sticking to it and getting the results they promised themselves and they drift back to stuffing themselves on the couch while watching their favorite reality TV shows etc.

The coming year and years to follow are going to be quite different then the past as falling into past bad habits will be much more detrimental even catastrophic. The phrase “Survival of the Fittest” is going to start to carry a much truer meaning again.For example if you have any level of awareness at all right now you are more than likely experiencing energy shifts that are happening in our universe and planet. Big things are happening and for you to deal with these changes you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually fit as possible in order to assimilate  these dramatic energy shifts taking place.

On a more down to earth level things on the physical plane are shifting and as we get closer and closer to a complete financial meltdown again you are going to need to be in as good as sharp as possible to deal with the overwhelm and stress from that fall out to survive and thrive in a radically changed world that is quickly coming upon us. You also need to have your financial game and thinking in the best possible place as possible so you can seize new opportunities or you will fall into a negative spiral of poverty with so many others.

Be ready and be prepared.Some people are not going to be able to handle it and they may not be able to re- organize their life and being at higher level to deal with the change as many things will banish.My suggestion is to start now  while you still have sometime. Don’t pretend this is all going to go away and the benevolent government is going to rescue everything and things will go back to the way they were. Be positive about creating your own reality and living a joy filled life just don’t be delusional as the predators get much more hungry. I even just read about the S10 food modernization bill attempting to be passed in the US that will make growing your own vegetable garden illegal. With 49 million Americans on food stamps we know where the axis of evil exists -right in your own country and government.

In the last day or so I have added 8 new subliminal Health and Fitness subliminal videos – Easy Health and Fitness, Spiritual Health and Fitness, Chill Out Now, Profitable Confidence, I love You, Increased Love for Myself, Million Dollar Thoughts plus already there is Rapid Weight Loss.This subliminal technology will literally install into you  new programming that will give you uncanny resolve confidence, intelligence and enthusiasm to follow through and make things happen for yourself and the power to deal with what is thrown at you.All you have to do is go and fill out the form or use the paypal option and within a few minutes you can login to the Renegade Wizard membership site and access all 32 videos and many other resources.

You can try it all out for a full 30 days (however you will notice results immediately) without paying anything at all. If during that time you find it’s not for you somehow just send us an email to cancel and you will never pay anything. So go right now and see for yourself and start getting yourself ready and in shape and sharp now for the coming year and beyond.

Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

David Kendall

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