The Secret To Being Magnetically Attractive

Have you ever been given the advice to just be yourself and wander exactly what that means?
Being yourself or better put being natural means being authentic .

There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than naturalness. This being natural means being comfortable in your own skin and with your own ambiguity. Inside of us is both the divine and the diabolical the opposing energies that spark and create the fire of life. Inside you is your sinner and your saint, the sacred and the profane and your forbidden lust and your unconditional love.

Being comfortable in your own skin with this ambiguity makes you comfortable and attractive to be around because you are not trying to hide anything. You are very real and human with your positive and negative qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

When you become so accepting of yourself and can really say I am who I Am you release the shame and the guilt. You have a lightness of being that radiates and becomes immensely attractive for nothing is more desirable than someone who is totally okay with themselves blemishes and all.

Sure you can do a lot of other stuff to make yourself look better or whatever but without this at your foundation it will all pale in comparison.

This being truly human is the essence of being lovable.

When you are comfortable with your ambiguity you freely express yourself because you don’t have the egos fear constantly pumping inner dialogue saying, “I am not good enough” I am not rich enough” ,” I am not pretty enough or handsome enough”

Lots of beautiful people have this stuff going on in there head and they are not attractive to themselves.

You stop looking for approval and become irresistible because you are fearless in expressing your affection, desires and love of life.

To sum it all up its all about being natural and comfortable with yourself and your ambiguities. Don’t be passive in your expressions of love and enthusiasm for life and for Gods sake stop constantly seeking approval and comparing yourself to others.

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