The Time of Pee

Do you truly desire to become powerful and liberated?

I came across a story the other day where the police smashed down the door of the home of an elderly black couple using flash bang grenades which accidentally set the house on fire and killed both old people. The cops were looking for drugs but never found any. The chief of police justified the collateral damage as the 4th Amendment went completely out the window.

We have reached a time in history which Buckminster Fuller, arguably the greatest thinker and visionary of the 20th century foretold as “The Time of Pee” when people would be judged not by works, nor by family, nor even looks, but by their urine.

They listen to you through your telephone without its even being off the hook, and record you through satellites that can peer down any street anywhere…

They kick your door down in at any time they want to . All they have to do is yell “Drugs!” and your spouse is in jail, your kids are farmed out to the state and your car and house are suddenly theirs…

Nobody up there wants you to have what you would call freedom. The purpose of government is to produce good working consuming submissive sheep who will fearfully and ignorantly follow. Only Orwell in his most eerie satires on bureaucracy -gone bonkers could imagine an obscenity like our Piss Police.

The countries and states where some of us live can only be accurately called “Urine Nations” You wonder how can this happen where searches on the person are forbidden except by court order after probable cause has been shown? Urine Nation, posing as the representatives of you and me pretending to be public benefactors seems to justify trashing something as pure as the US Constitution.

This is only a tiny example of how our civil liberties are being eroded by what I call The  Great Con – Central Fiat Currenied Banks , the mob (government), the energy cartels and The Weapons-War Industry.

If you want to truly have personal freedom for yourself, further personal development and spiritual growth  you will have to have to wake up to the fact  that the Great Con is doing everything they can to keep you a submissive sheep slave. The biggest war going on is the blatant removal of our freedoms by fear drivel to keep pacified sheep..

If you are tempted to think that I am pro-drugs by what I wrote , I state unconditionally that it is no such thing. I am clearly making no statement about whether the world would be better or worse place with more or less drug laws.

The powerful free-person has no opinions on this concerning other people . He/she will only have an opinion concerning his own life, and will act in accordance with his own internal ‘morals’ on any subject.

All I am doing here is to point out how the Great Con operate in an attempt to make these choices on your behalf, and then forcing you to comply by continually drip feeding lies and propaganda to take away your freedoms and make sheep believe that they are doing it for their own good. What a laugh.

Going back a few years I acquired the rights to a very exclusive course called “the Inner Circle” by Stuart Goldsmith about the reality of becoming a powerful and liberated individual what he calls an Initiate or what I call a renegade Wizard. You can read all the self help books ever written and listen to all popular self-help gurus and you will find little and most likely none of this real information let alone this distilled and concentrated on how to become powerful wealthy and liberated.

Back at that time you had to apply to join and only a limited amount of people could participate at one time and the course material was in manuals that were shipped to the doors of the would be Initiates over a 10 month period. To be a member was over $400 and the information given is worth 10 times that easily and we had people on a waiting list to get in.

Currently I have put the entire course on my Renegade Wizard Membership Site. All the manuals are sitting there for you to read right on the site. You can even download them.

The cost to be a member on this site is only $9.95 per month. However right now it is set up for a 30 day trial. So you can literally  go sign up have access to this Stuart Goldsmith Inner Circle course (download everything) and cancel and end up not paying a penny for the entire $400 plus course.

Why would I do that? Because I believe once you get on the site and see and start using  all the other resources especially the subliminal videos that will send re mold your subconscious mind (the most important part) to become a powerful wealthy and free-person I am quite sure you will stay member for a long time.

It is very easy just go here and when you get to the order page you will see we have changed it to a 30 day trial for this special.

Dedicated to Fulfilling Your Desires

David Kendall

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