Weight Loss for the Mind

If you think about it, the eternal question that always seems to
get asked from pseudo-philosophers of “What is the meaning of
Life?”  is quite bluntly  kind of a dumb question.

It’s unanswerable because the question
isn’t clear. The older I get the less I even bother to answer
such a vague question. It’s actually in my opinion a complete waste of time.

Does that make me unspiritual? Actually it is liberating as it
frees your mind to live more alive in the present.

Is there some type of action you can take after answering the
question that would improve your life? I don’t think so.

Questions about stuff that go beyond are sphere of influence are
a waste of mental energy so best to ignore them.

This is weight loss for the mind. Really are we seeking the
meaning of life? Or are we seeking the experience of being fully
alive and vibrant?

If you want to be totally alive and vibrant living an exciting life it begins
with the mind and the thought that are running through it.

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David Kendall

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